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Real Stories
  • * 80 years plus landless widow, who also lost her only son many years ago, still go for daily labor the days when she feels strong enough.
  • * Disabled widow of a small farmer supporting two young children
  • * Abandoned mid aged landless woman supporting her three daughters, two are handicap.
  • * Smart girl of a needy family could not go for higher education is now finishing Masters as a top student.
  • * A landless young daily labor couple has to face unaffordable medical expenses for their first born near total blindness child.
  • * A mid aged landles blind man with no assets and no family member.
  • * many other countless examples of desperate poor families.
  • Needy families of over 45 villages of Punjab are receiving or in the process of receiving help from NRIs.
  • A 45 years old landless women, abandoned by her husband, with three daughters, two are handicaps, living on daily wages earned from farm labor. Daily earnings are non-consistence.
  • Another mid-aged landless widow, with two children, is handicapped because of polio many years ago. Every month her parents, also not well off, brings food and other items for the month for her family. Her 9th grade daughter is number #1 in class but will not be going for higher education because mother can’t afford it.
  • Students of poor families of two villages walk 4 km every day to go to their High School, sun or rain, because there is no public transportation and their families can’t afford bicycles.
  • A bright young girl, of a needy family, is finishing her Masters and going for M. Phil because Friends Of Punjab Foundation funding her education.
  • Two teachers, their salaries paid by a member of the Foundation, teaching poor blinds youngsters to become self-reliant in life.
  • After High School, many poor family students are doing Masters, Diploma in Engineering, Electricians, Plumbers etc. with the help from NRIs otherwise most of them will just become daily wage earners in the fields or other hard labor jobs.
  • Two blind students passed 10th grade with over 60% marks. Foundation paying salary of their teachers.
  • * many other countless examples of desperate poor families.

Note: Above families are already being helped. There are hundreds of families like these who are helped by associates of the Foundation.

Priority is given to above type of benefits. But following community benefit projects are being carried out OR in the process of being implemented.

  • Password controlled free WiFi to a cluster of villages.
  • Free high nutrition value 'MORIGA PLANT' to household
  • Dairy training by professionals. Self Help Group are formed so that low interest loans can be obtained by the trained.
  • Computer Skills like Desk Top Publishing, data entry etc.
  • Stitching skills training. Clothing merchants from towns outsource such work to the trained.
  • Beauty Parlor skills training. Big demand these days. Middle class/well to do needs these services for every occasion.
  • Many Govt Primary Schools are equipped with a tablet, projector, speakers and screen to teach poor family students.