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Moving beyond supplementing the socio-economic benefits to needy villages, it is envisioned to extend the benefits to cluster of villages. The cluster would facilitate holistic development in all the villages lying in the hub by pooling in resources, manpower and expertise in an integrated manner.

The clusters will work towards achieving holistic development on a basis of four-pronged strategy of enhancing farm income, generating employment opportunities, improving the standards of healthcare & education and helping youngsters pursue their dreams.

It will enable holistic development in the following way:

  • Improvement in agriculture standards and enhancement of farm income by helping farmers to switch to better income sources such as dairy, fisheries, organic vegetables etc.
  • Helping tap unused Govt. Schemes for individuals and common benefits.
  • Helping needy people to be become employable self-employed by imparting technical/other skills know-how, providing financial aid and support in marketing.
  • Conducting preventing health care tests such as Cancer Screening, Blood Tests, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Eye examination etc.
  • Career counselling of youngsters and helping youngsters attain employable skill sets by opening centres imparting short duration vocational and skill development courses.

With help from non profit Skills building centers, short duration skills courses can be set up in the cluster of villages. This will help youngsters learn skills for their livelihood.