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Special Projects
These community benefit projects are carried out at NO or very little expense. Various sources including other NGO's and Govt, schemes are tapped.


LIBRARY: Two Special uses.

1. Thousands of books, for all ages and interest, are available to the villagers. 

2. 11 historic holidays of the year are identified. Youngsters, ages 8 to 18, are issued material on the life of historic personalities two weeks in advance of the holiday. On the day of holiday, youngsters compete with eachother to the top standings. Special prizes to the topers but every attendee gets something. More than 75 youngsters competed in Dec 2022 on Sahibzada Shaheedi Diwas. 



1. One room equpped with 15 high speed internet connected commputers.

    IT trainings provided such as: MS Office, Graphic/photo shop design, accounting etc.

2. One room equipped with iternet connected smart TV for non IT Skills

   Various skills are provided to widows, farmers and general population, such as:

    Ladies dress designs and stiching, Dairy farming, high income alternatives to traditional farming, 

    Bee keeping etc




3. Awareness on social welfare schemes

* Many MENEGRA schemes are tapped for the common benefits of the villagers.

4. CSC (Common Services Center) under Digital India Scheme

Under 'Digital India' Scheme, CSC is set up in the village. Various benefit schemes of the various departments of the Government are incorporated under one portal. All formalities of registration are complete and various services listed below will flow to the villagers without hassle and inconvenience of wasting the whole day in the city centers. An educated person with the title of 'Village Level Entrepreneur' will provide these services.

* Adahar Card.    * PAN Card  * Old Age Pension  * Passport Application  * Ration Card

* Health Insurance Card  * On Line Forms  * Railway Tickets * Mobile and Cable Recharge Service

* Voter Card  * Crop and Other Insurances  * Utility Bill Payment  * Free Computer Learning

* Tele Health  * Photo, Printing and Copying Services  * Some Other Services


5. Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Agriculture Center

Pilot Project Successful.

*  At village Chathe Sekhwan, dist. Sangrur. Funded by Dr. Amrit Singh (USA), an associate of the


* Machinery at the center: Tractor, Trolly, Harvesting Combine, Super seeder etc

* Deeply discounted service (break even concept) for small farmers with 5 acres or less and no machinery

* 80 small farmers received help during 2022.


6. E-Health Check Up by Punjabi speaking doctors from USA

Every Satureday, a Nurse comes to the village center. She check: B/P, Sugar Level, EKG (if needed),weight, height and current medication if any. Also on first visit blood is drawn for testing. When she is done, an NRI Punjabi speaking doctor from USA come on video conference. Nurse update the doctor on each patient, one at a time. Both doctor and patient interact and doctor end up with recommendations. Blood test is done if ordered by the doctor.

As needed: Supplements and medications are provided.