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No matter how far you go, home is always where heart is and NRIs always have a deep attachment with their roots. Non-Resident Indians community of Punjabi origin has become the role model in philanthropic activities by contributing wholeheartedly for putting their villages on top. Call it nostalgia driven philanthropy or pull for their roots, NRIs have been ushering in, a quite, progressive change in Punjab for a very long time.

Punjab is one of the largest recipients of international remittance, which clearly indicates that Punjabi NRIs are deeply connected to their roots. Punjabis are always in forefront when it comes to giving back to their native land. Be it for education, healthcare or development work, NRIs have been donating devotedly for public cause back home but there is always a sense of scepticism in terms of fairness and ethical practices involved while undertaking philanthropic activities. “Friends of Punjab Foundation” organisation has been set up with an objective to address the concerns of NRI community of Punjab with regards to philanthropy work by making the entire process completely transparent.

There are number of NRIs from Punjab who are keen to help and uplift the needy and “Friends of Punjab Foundation” is committed to facilitate their longing. It goes beyond providing some immediate relief but endeavours to bring about a positive societal change at the ground level. Known for enabling transparency, “Friends of Punjab Foundation” is determinedly working towards building the confidence of NRI community keen to contribute in the public cause initiatives back home.

It started with a pilot project by adopting one village and now it is helping the NRIs in a huge way to rekindle their childhood memories and contribute majorly in contributing towards human development of their native places.