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‘SERVING HUMANITY' dedicated to Guru Nanak’ teaching

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Help struggling poor families of Punjab villages live day to day life with dignity and Enable youngsters of poor families pursue their dreams by achieving professional skills and higher education

Landless and small farmers, with only source of income from daily hard labor, find it very very hard to feed, raise and educate their children...

When the cluster of villages are covered, additional benefits to the villagers are possible, such as:

Help farmers to switch to alternative income sources such as dairy, organic vegetables etc.

Helping poor individuals to become self employed by providing some seed money.

No matter how far you go, home is always where heart is and NRIs always have a deep attachment with their roots. Non-Resident Indians community of Punjabi origin has become the role model in philanthropic activities by contributing wholeheartedly for putting their villages on top. Call it nostalgia driven philanthropy or pull for their roots, NRIs have been ushering in, a quite, progressive change in Punjab for a very long time.

Our Causes

How We Work

Foundation will not solicit funds but simply encourage and guide donors to adopt a village or fund specific cause to benefit the poor.

Beneficiary Criteria:

Landless families or below 2 acre land owner farmers with no out side source of income.

Selection of Beneficiaries:

Selection of beneficiaries is carried out in a meeting attended by as many residents of the village as possible. All beneficiaries must have a Bank account. Benefits are given to those who agree to take a drug test if needed.

Source of Funds:

We seeks NRIs/ non-NRI Punjab residents to adopt and fund their own or any village. Funding from any other source can be targeted for specific purpose to benefit any poor family or any specific need of the poor in Punjab. 100% of donor's funds go directly to the chosen beneficiaries.

Transfer of Funds:

Funds are transferred bank to bank. Every beneficiary must have have a bank account. Transferred from donor's Or trusted relative's India account OR on line transfer from outside accounts. We will help in how to transfer.


Education expenses provided to bright students for regular as well as for vocational skills. Monthly financial help is given to widows, childless elderly, handicaps etc.

Adopt A Village/ Become A Volunteer
Anyone believing in giving back to their roots, please contract the organization.
Special Projects
These community benefit projects are carried out at NO or very little expense. Various sources including other NGO's and Govt, schemes are tapped.


LIBRARY: Two Special uses. 1. Thousands of books, for all ages and interest, are available to the villagers.  2. 11 historic holidays of the year are identified. Youngsters, ages 8 to 18, are issued material on the life of historic personalities two weeks in advance of the holiday. On the day of holiday, youngsters compete with eachother to the top standings. Special prizes to...


SKILLS CENTRE: 1. One room equpped with 15 high speed internet connected commputers.     IT trainings provided such as: MS Office, Graphic/photo shop design, accounting etc. 2. One room equipped with iternet connected smart TV for non IT Skills    Various skills are provided to widows, farmers and general population, such as:     Ladies dress d...

3. Awareness on social welfare schemes

* Many MENEGRA schemes are tapped for the common benefits of the villagers. .. Read More

4. CSC (Common Services Center) under Digital India Scheme

Under 'Digital India' Scheme, CSC is set up in the village. Various benefit schemes of the various departments of the Government are incorporated under one portal. All formalities of registration are complete and various services listed below will flow to the villagers without hassle and inconvenience of wasting the whole day in the city centers. An educated person with the title of ...

5. Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Agriculture Center

Pilot Project Successful. *  At village Chathe Sekhwan, dist. Sangrur. Funded by Dr. Amrit Singh (USA), an associate of the     Foundation. * Machinery at the center: Tractor, Trolly, Harvesting Combine, Super seeder etc * Deeply discounted service (break even concept) for small farmers with 5 acres or less and no machinery * 80 small farmers received help dur...

6. E-Health Check Up by Punjabi speaking doctors from USA

Every Satureday, a Nurse comes to the village center. She check: B/P, Sugar Level, EKG (if needed),weight, height and current medication if any. Also on first visit blood is drawn for testing. When she is done, an NRI Punjabi speaking doctor from USA come on video conference. Nurse update the doctor on each patient, one at a time. Both doctor and patient interact and doctor end up with recommen...